Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well whoopitydoo

Just wanted to show all you mothers I can post too. I may be slower, and admittedly don't get online that much but it's not how often you post that counts--it's all about the quality. Sooooo, just in case you're interested in trivial details of my very interesting life I wanted you all to know I'm doing slings, so make sure I have your size/color order.
Aside from that piece of business we are going on a trip and the Knitting Goddess will be taking her skills with her. If you find yourself in short supply of venues to knit - Amanda is taking over for me whilst I'm gone.
I may post some shots of the fantastic blue waters of Lake MI . Until I am floating peacefully above those serene waves I will be here packing-yes-using my skills for the glorious enjoyment of labeling each days wears(purposeful misp) being in chronological as well as clean order--also known as ziploc bags. You take one out-you put the dirty ones in, you shake it all about....and do it all again. I do sing things in order to enjoy the arbritrary responsibilites of motherhood. Hokey pokey anyone??? You're all jealous, you with your solitude, and date nights, movie theater-going, sleep in mornings, and baby-making afternoons. I don't hate ya knitttas. Knit on in unfathomable silence. Breathe the poopydiaper free air, eat your meals in peace-enjoying every last well-prepared bite. I wont hate ya !! NO!!!
Whew-sorry. Had to get that off my chest. Just kidding- I love you all and know you have your own difficulties- I could just read all about them if I had any time to read your blogs-after taking nap time to write this one. Heads so peaceful in their beds, just waiting for me to log on then. BOOM!!! Baby just joined us- it takes a long time to type with one hand. If only I could knit with one hand like all you crocheters. Seriously-I'm out. Love